Have a Fountain of Meaningful Content and Great Story 

Do you want to write creatively but don’t know where or how to start? Do you want to know how to write a story with meaningful content? Then you must read this blog of Circling the Story. 

Nowadays, there are simply plenty of books with so much meaningful content grabbing for the eyeballs of readers. How can a writer connect with these readers? Here’s a guide on how to have a fountain of meaningful content for your story. 

A couple years ago, before I created this site, I released a book about my story. The premise of the book was that the tools used to create better stories can also be used by the rest of us to live better lives. In just a few weeks, my book was sold out. It feels great and overwhelming to know that your story is supported and loved by many readers across the world. From that, I realized how important it is to create a good story rather than just telling one. So, I get nervous and at the same time excited to write my next story. 

Whenever I need to write, I stay inside my garage where I am comfortable writing my stories. For me to be able to write without hearing extraneous noise, I contacted A1Garage Door Service Milwaukee so they could install my contemporary garage door. And, yes! It is so much comfortable for me to write knowing that I am are in a safe, clutter-free and quiet area. 

The idea to have a meaningful story is actually pretty simple. To have a great story, here are some tips: 

  • Every story has a character or characters. In real life, God designed us as the principal character of our own life story so put yourself as the only character in any story you will write. In other words, you are the storyteller and the principal character. However, the story may be about something other than you. 
  • The character in the story must want something. If you don’t do this the story lacks direction and purpose. Just like in real-life. The needs should be good, self-sacrificing. 
  • The character must go through conflict and it is a necessity in every story. Conflict makes the story meaningful and beautiful and most especially conflict gives value to that which we are trying to attain. Conflict is the way a character will change and develop.  
  • In a climax, a conflict must be resolved in a single action. Although, in real life, it doesn’t really work this way, having a visual scene in your mind that you can head toward is motivating.  
  • I’ve been planning my life this way for the past seven years or so and it’s made all the difference. I’ve certainly had a lot of conflicts, but I’ve put my heart into my books, lost a ton of weight and have a strong vision for the future. 

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