About Us 

The Story Of The Owner 

Dwayne is a freelance writer, writing fiction and non-fiction, and has earned his living since 1996 through writing. He is working with his friend Stephen. He co-wrote several books with Stephen which became were part of the New York Times Bestseller Books and Week Bestseller Books.  

Dwayne and Stephen came up with with an idea to develop a website where they can not only help other aspiring story writers to enhance their writings but gain themselves readers and friends. We use our real names in our books but on this site, we don’t force people to use their real names. We provide pseudonyms known as handles and allow members to choose whether they want to use their real names or to keep their identity which is suited for every writer who wants to keep anonymous. This will suit their ability to be inspired and use their imagination. 


About Circling The Story 

Since we established this small friendly and helpful community in December 2010, it has slowly grown to be one of the leading online writing sites. Our current members warmly welcomes hundreds of new members join in this site each day to improve their writing and to connect with other writers. Although we’re not such a large community, we on Circling The Story offers diversity in writing topics and styles, peer-to-peer reviews, and social interaction. Unlike any other community, we are a much more active and friendly group of writers. It’s astonishing that the inspiration and diversity we found in our community are helping our members by enhancing their creativity every day. 

Here, the Storybooks are proprietary. Circling The Story fuels eagerness and ideas by providing an active and imaginative environment. The future of our writers and our website holds nothing but creativity, inspiration, and support to each other.