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Kiel D. 

Is this a good website where I can go to post my book on and get feedback to see if it’s good enough? I want real feedback on my story so I can know where and what to improve. I’ve heard about Wattpad and so many other websites but I was wondering which one is better.  



Hey, Kiel! I have learned about the website you mentioned. Their track record is not very good. Actually, very few writers find them useful and the majority of them do not. Others landed publishing contracts as a result of using them to gain money and fame. I am certain that many of these sites are owned by big publishers. So I must say that you come in the right place, just sign in so you will know how well this site is. 


Jenny V.– 

If you are seriously wanting a writing career and looking for feedback on your manuscript, I think you might be better off joining in this site. Circling The Story is composed of two incredible writers, and members, preferably writers who have more experience than yourself. 


Kiel D.– 

Thank you. I’ve just been seeing this site and a vast number of writers and readers leave a good feedback. I just want to be a real and better writer and get feedback on my story before I send it off.