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Glen A. 

My sincerest thanks to the Circling The Story founder for an inspirational and enlightening website! At first, I have been struggling with how to write my very first novel but later on, I realized that I can maximize the opportunity and benefits of being both a plotter and a panther. There are so much more I have learned on this website, reigniting the literary flame within me is one of them. I write informatively for the newspaper but with your brilliant advice and inspiration, I must say that my desire to practice writing creatively which is another art form is strengthened.  


Marie S. 

Circling The Story is fantastic! Since I was young I have always wanted to write. Now, I know that having read so many books is no guarantee you can write. Thanks for all of your advice and inspiring words. I’m working on it already to become a great writer someday. Your site is very helpful to aspiring writers. 


Elaine M.– 

I just downloaded your book via Google Play Books. I am no writer but sure a great fan of your Circling The Story website and have been here for several months. I love every story you have been selling here, it sounds interesting and delightful. So every time there is a new update, I buy it on Google Play Books. 


Victoria C.– 

I came to this site after my friend recommended you. I was searching for a website that offers amazing stories and then I read the first chapter of one of your books so I got interested and found a way to get that book from them. I know that there are more so I follow your site. Thanks for the great stories, hopefully, I’ll get something to write and publish it someday.